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Deluxe Baldai produces high-quality, durable and pleasantly looking soft furniture with original design and customized modeling. More than 14 years of experience working with Canadian technologies allow Deluxe Baldai to offer high-quality products which last for decades and can be distinguished by their comfortableness and exquisite design.

Deluxe Baldai sells furniture through its stores, as well as directly from the manufacturing factory to wholesale customers. Beside regular production line, our company suggests a line of exclusive orders - "Deluxe Premium". Using Deluxe Premium, our clients can have own furniture-design ideas become tangible. Present your imagination to our project planner, and the team of skilled professionals will bring the idea to reality.

Our products have already being serving in such places as LCC International University (Klaipeda, Lithuania), Riga furniture saloons, and Lithuanian Parliament Building - Seim.

You always can enjoy decorating with your cafe, restaurant, hotel or simply a cozy house with Deluxe Baldai furniture. Visit our showrooms and find attractive models of classic and modern living room furniture, bedroom beds, mattresses, coffee tables, and other markers of exquisite interior.

Each year, depending on customer preferences and modern fashion trends Deluxe Baldai enriches the collection of furniture with new models, constantly improving production technology and expending fabric supply. This way, we grant our customers durable, comfortable and exquisite production.

We believe, furniture should make you feel well.